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You’ve weeped. You’ve sobbed. You’ve pounded on the picnic tables at Telegraph Beer Garden and demanded: when will we have a REAL home for the photo community in the East Bay?

The time is NOW. Summer of 2019 marks the launch of our campaign to raise $300,000 to open a our new non-profit center for digital and analog photography arts and education. And we need YOU! Click the “Quick Donate” button above to toss some quick cash into the fund, or click the "Become a Member” button below to become a full EBPCO member, entitled to all sorts of swag and discounts. Either way, your donation will help build the EBPCO Photo Center!

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Imagine a photography center where we can be surrounded by creative tools and ideas and images and friends! Where we can find darkrooms, a digital lab, workshops, friendly mentors and a world-class gallery. Where kids, students, newcomers as well as experienced photo nuts will all have a place to create and learn, to inspire and be inspired.

The new Photo Center is absolutely critical to EBPCO’s mission of community support and inclusiveness. It’s the place for youth arts camps, after school photo programs, and community exhibitions. Click here to learn more about the EBPCO Photo Center.


Become a member and help get the party started. Your tax-deductible membership contribution is absolutely critical to our success, and (of course!) entitles you to awesome swag and benefits, including discounts with our local arts partners.

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