Oakland Family Scan

Preserve and Celebrate your Family History

A Project of the East Bay Photo Collective


EBPCO's Oakland Family Scan program provides free scanning of personal photographs.  Our goal is to help Oakland’s families preserve, share and celebrate their family history.

Participants may bring up to five photos or negatives for scanning. Participants may also provide up to 60 seconds of audio commentary about each scanned item, identifying persons, places, objects, events, or anything else they consider to be important.

At the end of the session, participants will receive their digital files on a flash drive, compact disc, or by email.   They will also choose among the following options for how their digital files may be used:

o   No further use without permission.

o   May be made available to the Oakland Public Library or other historical and research institutions.

o   May be used on the Oakland Family Scan website to promote the program and to celebrate participant’s story.

o   May be included in a future exhibition of Oakland Family Scan photos

Family Scan participants will have complete control over their material.


Oakland Family Scan will come to YOU!  The East Bay Photo Collective is looking for churches and community centers to host scanning sessions in 2018 and 2019.   Contact us at ebpco510@gmail.com


Support Oakland Family Scan!  We are accepting donations of cash and equipment.  Click here to support this program.