East Bay Photo Center Q&A

What is it?

What facilities will it offer?

How will it support itself?

How much money needs to be raised?
What programs will be available?

Where will it be located?

And when the HECK will it open?


These are very important questions! So important that EBPCO ran a poll to get your input. The feedback from the poll was very specific and it has been the guide as we've moved forward.

What is it? EBPCO Photo Center will be a public, non-profit photography institution offering facilities, education and community.

What facilities will it offer? The Center will have facilities for film photographers in the form of darkrooms and film processing areas. It will have facilities for digital photographers, in the form of workstations, printers, and scanners.

The most important feature will be the gallery, a place where creative photographers from all around the Bay will show their work and inspire each other.

How will it support itself? The EBPCO team have spent two years developing a business plan for the new Photo Center. We have been very fortunate in the other successful arts non-profits in the Bay Area have given us a lot of guidance in developing a working business model.

In brief, similar non-profit arts institutions support themselves through a 50/50 combination of program fees (workshops, facilities rentals, product sales, etc) and donations. Donations include grants (private and government) and individual membership donations.

That said, we’ve learned that it takes time to develop a grant stream. For that reason, we expect that the center will have operating deficits for the first three years (see below).

How much money needs to be raised? Our fundraising goal for 2019 is $300,000. This money will be used as follows:

Lease, deposit, and startup costs

Construction and equipment costs

3yrs Operating cost supplement

What programs will be available? Photo Arts education will be core to our new Center. There will be workshops for both adults and kids. There will be after-school photo arts programs and summer photo camps. There will be artist-in-residence programs, emphasizing different photographic experiences. There will be programs supporting arts in schools.

Where will it be located? No location has been chosen yet. You've made it clear that BART access is a priority. We also think it would be good to be in a high-traffic area, so we can get the best visibility for the gallery and participate in First Fridays. For these reasons we're imagining a ground-floor retail space in downtown Oakland. There is a lot of vacant retail in Oakland, which may help us when it comes time to negotiate a lease!

When? When? When? Here is a simplified 2019 timeline:

Jul - Dec Membership and Fundraising

Oct - Dec Location search

Jan 2020 Sign Lease

Jan - Feb Build out

March 1st 2020 GRAND OPENING!!