THE East Bay PHoto Center

Imagine a photography center where we can be surrounded by creative tools and ideas and images and friends! Where we can find darkrooms, a digital lab, workshops, friendly mentors and a world-class gallery. Where kids, students, newcomers as well as experienced photo nuts will all have a place to create and learn, to inspire and be inspired.

EBPCO Phase II darkroom and gallery crop.jpg
  • Gallery and community space

  • Darkrooms for black and white printing (small, medium and large format)

  • Film developing area for all formats (including cine)

  • Facilities for Pt/Pd, Cyanotype, Tintype, and other alternative and historical processes.

  • Photo studio with backgrounds and lighting

  • Film scanners

  • Digital workstations and printers

  • Classroom and theatre

You can support this project with a donation!  All donated funds will be used exclusively for acquisition, design and construction of the new center. 

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