Our goal as a community is establish a public photography center in Oakland, Ca.  This center will host workshops, events and public programs, as well as offer facilities rentals.   The new center will include:

  • Gallery and community space
  • Darkrooms for black and white printing (small, medium and large format)
  • Film developing area for all formats (including cine)
  • Facilities for Pt/Pd, Cyanotype, Tintype, and other alternative and historical processes.
  • Photo studio with backrounds and lighting
  • Film scanners
  • Digital workstations and printers
  • Classroom and theatre

This exciting new community center is planned for early 2018.  


You can support this project with a donation!  All donated funds will be used exclusively for acquisition, design and construction of the new center.

Photo Equipment Donations

We are accepting donations of used photography equipment.  Your donated equipment may be used in our new facility or in our community outreach programs, or - if we already have enough of a particular type of gear - it may be sold to generate revenue for EBPCO's general fund. 

We will accept:

Film cameras (and lenses) of all types

Darkroom Equipment

Studio equipment, including lights, backgrounds, light stands, camera stands

If you have equipment to donate - or if you have equipment that you are not sure what to do with! - contact us at ebpco510@gmail.com.