About the East Bay Photography Collective


We are photographers in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area working together to create a community photo center, which will include a gallery, workshops, darkrooms, and other facilities.  

Our mission is to provide facilities, education, inspiration, and community to East Bay photographers, including those who are under-served or lack access to a creative community.


For more information, contact us at ebpco510@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook! facebook.com/groups/ebpco

Send us a postcard! East Bay Photo Collective, 4200 Park Blvd #631, Oakland, CA 94602

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We are accepting donations of used photography equipment.  Your donated equipment may be used in our new facility or in our community outreach programs, or - if we already have enough of a particular type of gear - it may be sold to generate revenue for EBPCO's general fund. 

We are accepting:

- Film cameras of all types

- Film and photographic paper

Unfortunately we are not accepting darkroom equipment.

If you have equipment that you are not sure what to do with! - contact us at info@ebpco.org.